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November 26, 2019

This year marked our fourth year of business for Next Level Watersports since finding our way to Nantucket in 2016. 


We have grown from our original fleet of three boats with rickety engines (Who remembers Wild Action 1.0, Killing It, and Crushing it?) to our current fleet of five boats with four stroke engines, all in great condition. Our team has grown from Jake and I, on the beach to a full time summer staff of incredibly talented instructors who we consider some of the best in the business (Thank you Austin, Andy, Nick, Ben, and Kai!), two interns, Nathan Morash & Finn Nolen, and our ever-friendly & on-point booking manager Jakki. Most importantly, our client list has grown and our clients have turned into our friends. We love Nantucket and we love what we do, so here’s a recap!


next level watersports team on nantucket


Kiteboarding & Wakeboarding Lessons on Nantucket Island


This summer, we taught a record number of lessons this year to students of all ages. Beginner kiteboarders made their first gear purchases, while some of the more advanced (and adventurous!) went ripping through grassy hidden floodplains of the island.  To us, teaching these sports and activities is like sharing a gift. Nothing makes us happier than, two years after teaching someone how to get their first ride, you see them go flying by (questionably overpowered), screaming in delight on a 17 meter, getting serious air, and coming on their first downwinders with the crew. It’s why we do it, and we can’t wait to get more people going!


kiteboarding & kitesurfing lessons on nantucket ma

eFoil Lessons & Tours Nantucket, MA 


The eFoil is, well, just a one-of-a-kind thing. Next Level Watersports was the first watersports activities business in North America to order a LIFT eFoil and become a vendor last October when they first came out. As a completely new technology priced at 12K apiece, it was a scary investment and a bit of an unknown. But, like many things in life, it worked out! The machines proved extremely reliable and we learned that the eFoil is actually one of the easiest ways to teach someone to learn how to hydrofoil. And the ability to fly along silently, untethered, doing powder turns the whole way for an hour straight is just…cool. If you haven’t tried it yet we hope you get a chance in 2020.

 efoil lessons rentals  and tours on nantucket, ma

Watermen's Camp 


Teenagers have done the same summer camps on Nantucket for years and don’t want to go paddleboarding anymore. They want to fly on a hydrofoil and learn to clear the wake behind our boat! We have now completed five extremely successful camps that taught kids ages 12-18 how to ride under kites, wakeboard, and fly along the foils. The feedback from parents was amazing, and we’re excited to expand the service. This winter, the Next Level Watersports team will be providing camps in Florida that coincide with school breaks, and then we will be back with our Nantucket watersport camps every week throughout July and August 2020. If you’re interested, please get in touch!

  watermens camp for kids on nantucket island ma

Back Country Guide 


The best part of kiting is the ability to explore. When you go on vacation, you look out to the ocean sitting in one place. But when you’re on a kite, you can explore entire coastlines, ride between islands, and fly over reefs with (GIANT) manta rays beneath your feet. We help our clients arrange amazing trips to destinations we know well and appeal not only to the kids who had never kited before, but to the parents that are experience kiters. It’s called a Back Country Guide because we want to show you our favorite places in the world to ride. Sharing these with you is something we love to do and are excited to help plan a trip!


back country guide kiteboarding trip with next level watersports kiteboarding trip and tours

What Else? 


We helped to run an epic kite extravaganza for clients that involved fire pits, personal bests jumping, and even flying off the top of Pocomo Point. We kited new spots on Nantucket we had never been to before. We forged new partnerships with local businesses and clubs. We scored overhead waves. We got licensed to operate on Martha’s Vineyard. And, we had an epic year!


next level watersports partners with xinsurance

Thank you to everyone who has come out and supported us over these years.  If you are heading to Florida, or want to come to Florida to escape the cold, please drop us a line and we’d love to ride! Cheers to an amazing 2019, and here’s to an even better 2020!


Jake & Jon

“Let us teach you how”





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