Skills Progression & Boating Safety

Afternoon Kids Camp run every summer from late June through the end of August, Monday-Thursday from 1:30 - 4:30PM. The afternoon session is meant for older kids, 13YO - 17YO, looking to focus on becoming self-sufficient watermen (& women!), progress their watersports skillsets working on advanced skills, and form a new cohort of friends with whom they can go play on the water safely. Our focus is to teach your children how to be independent, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, safe, while they fall in love with playing on the water into adulthood.

During afternoon camp, we welcome absolute beginners who are eager to learn watersports in select circumstances, but focus on kids with an existing background with kiteboarding, wakeboarding, and hydrofoiling.

On windy days, we focus on kiteboarding and winging instruction. Your kids will work on:

  • Self-sufficiency skills so they can go kiteboarding + winging independently including: Identifying safe conditions; Safe launching/landing; Returning to their boards; Coming back to where they started; Teamwork concepts; What to do In Case of Emergency
  • Advanced skills including: Jumping; New tricks; And riding surfboards + hydrofoils
  • New sports & adventures including: Winging, Racing, Downwinders, Etc.

On no wind days, we focus on advanced skills behind the boat and boating safety. Your kids will work on:

  • Wakeboarding and hydrofoiling, practicing progression concepts: Jumping the wake; New tricks, Dropping the rope while wakefoiling
  • Boating safety including: How to safely operate motorboats; How to dock a boat & tie off; How to navigate the harbor; Right of way concepts; Mechanical Concepts; Reading Weather; and more

A three student to one instructor ratio is maintained so that coaches can be in safe proximity to your kids at all times while they are on the water. For Afternoon Watersports Camp, participants are encouraged to bring their own gear and wetsuits so they can learn to use it properly. For those who don’t own gear, we can provide wetsuits and all required equipment - If you wish to purchase, we are happy to assist with setting up an order.

We are professionals at teaching these sports safely and instilling our love, and respect, for the water in our students. Afternoon Watersports Camp is designed to teach your kids how to do it safely and independently for the rest of their lives. To view availability and register, use our calendar to the right, call us at 508 680 3343, or email us at

Note: We advise parents to purchase a wetsuit for their kids for Watersports Camp. If you do not own one, please let us know and we are happy to help you order an appropriate one! *A minimum of three registrants are required for Afternoon Watersports Camp to operate.

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