Let’s Hit The Water!

Morning Kids Camp run every summer from late June through the end of August, Monday-Thursday from 10am-1pm. The morning session is for younger kids, 9YO - 12YO, where they can learn watersports, make new friends, and have fun while becoming competent at the sports we teach.

During morning camp ,we welcome absolute beginners through intermediate riders. We provide an immersive adventure and introduce them to unique activities - wakeboarding, eFoiling, hydrofoiling, kiteboarding, and winging. After a week, your child will walk away with new skills they can take with them the rest of their lives. And hopefully fall in love with playing on the water!

A two student to one instructor ratio is maintained at all times so that coaches will always be by your child's side. Wetsuits and the latest equipment are provided to give your child the best experience.

We are professionals at teaching these sports safely and instilling our love for the water in our students. To view availability and register, use our calendar to the right, call us at 508 680 3343, or email us at desk@nlwatersports.com.

Note: We advise parents to purchase a wetsuit for their kids for Watersports Camp so they can arrive suited up. If you do not own one, please let us know and we are happy to help you order an appropriate one! *A minimum of two registrants is required for Watersports Camp to operate.

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