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An eFoil lesson lasts two hours, and up to three people per eFoil may be on the boat to take turns learning. We begin each lesson with a safety briefing, demonstrations on how to properly use the board, and then set you loose to ride! While you learn, we always have a Next Level Watersports coach in a boat by your side, providing live tips and feedback. Our step-by-step teaching process allows students to learn how to achieve sustained, controlled flight during their first lesson.

With groups larger than three, we can bring multiple eFoils so everyone gets a try. For the more advanced riders, we can take eFoil harbor tours and other adventures. If any charge remaining on the battery after two hours, clients have the option of extending into the third hour for an additional fee.

What is an efoil

The eFoil was invented in late 2018 in Puerto Rico by a company called LIFT that has built hydrofoils for years. The “e” in eFoil represents its lithium ion battery built into the board that powers an electric motor with a propeller that provides propulsion. Below the drive unit, is a wing (or “foil”) that provides lift. Given enough speed, the wing generates enough lift to allow the board to break free of the water and you begin to fly along effortlessly like a magic carpet ride in powder. You steer the board by standing up using your body weight and adjust your speed using a handheld wireless Bluetooth remote to control the throttle. The feeling is one of a kind.

foiling on Nantucket

Why an efoil

Flying on any hydrofoil requires power. Whether it is the power of a wave to propel you, the power of a kite to catch the wind, or the power of a boat to pull you, a rider is confined in where they can go by their power source. The eFoil turns the game on its head by building the source into the board and delivering consistent, smooth, and predictable power that can take you anywhere. Then, because the board is much bigger than a standard foil, it allows you a stable platform on which to stand confidently as you learn to fly in control. It's this combination that makes it easier to learn.

We are proud to have ridden one of the early LIFT prototypes prior to their release and to have been the first school in North America to purchase and offer instruction of a LIFT eFoil.

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