The LIFT eFoil is an electric powered hydrofoil with a battery pack, motor, and wing built into it that allows you to fly above the water at the appropriate speed. No strings, no ropes, no limitations - just a wireless controller in your hand to control your power and the freedom to fly anywhere you'd like! Due to its consistent power and bigger board size, we’ve found the eFoil makes teaching anyone to hydrofoil easier than ever.


An eFoil lesson lasts two hours to allow time for instruction and riding and up to three people per eFoil may be on the boat taking turns learning. Batteries typically last 1.5 hours depending on the rider(s) weight(s) and usage during the lesson. We begin each lesson with a safety briefing, demonstrations on how to properly use the board, and then set you loose to ride! While you learn, we always have a pro coach in a boat by your side providing live tips and feedback. Our step-by-step process allows you to learn how to achieve sustained, controlled flight during the first lesson.

With groups larger than three, we can bring multiple eFoils so everyone gets a try. For the more advanced riders, we can take eFoil harbor tours and other adventures. If any charge remains on the battery after two hours, clients may extend into a third hour for an additional fee.

What is an efoil

The eFoil was invented in late 2018 in Puerto Rico by a company called LIFT that has built hydrofoils for years. The “e” in eFoil represents its lithium ion battery built into the board that powers an electric motor with a propeller that provides propulsion. Below the drive unit, is a wing (or “foil”) that provides lift. Given enough speed, the wing generates enough lift to allow the board to break free of the water and you begin to fly along effortlessly like a magic carpet ride in powder. You steer the board by standing up using your body weight and adjust your speed using a handheld wireless Bluetooth remote to control the throttle. The feeling is one of a kind.

Why an efoil

Flying on any hydrofoil requires power. Whether it is the power of a wave to propel you, the power of a kite to catch the wind, or the power of a boat to pull you, a rider is confined in where they can go by their power source. The eFoil turns the game on its head by building the source into the board and delivering consistent, smooth, and predictable power that can take you anywhere. Then, because the board is much bigger than a standard foil, it allows you a stable platform on which to stand confidently as you learn to fly in control. It's this combination that makes it easier to learn.

We are proud to have ridden one of the early LIFT prototypes prior to their release and to have been the first school in North America to purchase and offer instruction of a LIFT eFoil.

eFoil FAQ

The amazing thing about the eFoil is that it provides a safe, easy means of learning to hydrofoil. It’s something you and your family will never forget!

Learning to eFoil is very safe. During a lesson, we require all participants to wear a lifejacket and helmet, take a safety briefing at the start of each lesson, and always will have an instructor in a boat by your side. You'll learn how to fall properly into the water as needed, to let go of the throttle, and simply swim back to the board, climb on, and keep going! Conquering the eFoil is also the safest way to learn how to fly in a hydrofoil.

Is the board stable? - The eFoil's weight makes for a stable board and ride. It helps to slow down the responsiveness of a traditional kite, and wake foils make it much easier to develop muscle memory and a feeling for the sport.

What is Low Aspect Wing - Using a big wing allows the board to travel at very slow speeds. This means you can attain flight at a speed that is comfortable and mitigates big crashes.

Controller - A big component of learning to eFoil is getting comfortable with the controller and developing the muscle memory to maintain a steady speed. Once you can set ‘cruise control’ on the controller, the board becomes an even stabler platform. For most people, having the ability to control the speed via the Bluetooth controller makes the rider more comfortable, providing a greater sense of control as they can adjust according to how they feel on the fly.

Kids ages 12 and up can eFoil. There is no minimum weight and children tend to figure out the board quickly as they can stand on it easily. The upper weight limit for the eFoil is 300 lbs. If you have a younger child who wishes to try eFoiling, we do ask that the parent is there in person for the lesson.

Learning to eFoil generally takes anywhere from one to two hours. The eFoil is about six feet long and has a lot of area on which to stand. When you get the board planing on the surface of the water it becomes extremely stable, making it easy to adjust your stance. These qualities allow riders to be able to stand confidently and feel what it's like to fly in a controlled manner to achieve sustained flight.

The answer to this question depends on two variables: rider weight and wing size. For lighter riders, the battery tends to last a bit longer. For an adult averaging 180 lbs, the eFoil will last roughly 1.5 hours on a large low aspect wing. If there is battery charge remaining at the end of your session, you may push into the third hour for an additional charge.

Incremental Lesson Plan - We have developed a step-by-step lesson program that we coach you through until you attain flight! Our goal is to help you build a strong base and confidence, as well as minimize crashing.

If you are a brand new eFoiler, we'll start by teaching you how to control the throttle and have you ride around on the board on your stomach. When you're comfortable riding around on your stomach, you'll move to your knees and ride around like that. Once confident on your stomach, we'll get you to your feet with your hands still on the board for stability (what we call the “Gargoyle Pose”). Then you'll move to taking your hands off the board, standing tall while riding with the board still in the water. The next stage is to when you break the board free and begin getting short flights. Finally, we teach you how to fly in a sustained and relaxed manner, as well as to execute turns on the board.

This is one of the most common questions we get. Don't worry! The controller floats! There is also a strap on it that keeps it in your hand in the case of a fall.

The eFoil is designed to be watertight and all electronics on the board are waterproof so that they can be submerged and still fully function. We’ve put the boards to the test and have found them to be extremely durable.

Unfortunately, we do not rent our eFoils, but we do offer supervised riding and lessons. The experienced Next Level staff will coach you throughout, giving you tips and tricks to allow for the fastest progression out there. Let us deal with the setup, break down and transport - you show up and have fun! In a lesson we will teach you how to: setup and break down the board, safety protocol, incremental process to attain flight, controller technique, board balance and learn the proper way to fall.

The LIFT eFoil is an amazing addition to any watersport lover. However, given the price tag, it is a purchase that should be done thoughtfully. We are a vendor for LIFT and would love to help you navigate the process of buying and owning your own. Rather than simply receiving a board in the mail and being out on your own, we can help you pick the appropriate board size, show you how to put it together with tips and tricks we've learned, and troubleshoot that error code that pops up mid-session. If you are considering a purchase, send us an email and check out this BLOG!

The best time to efoil is when the water is completely flat. This is typically earlier in the morning. Luckily, due to the conditions in our lesson center locations, there is almost always a spot we can find that will be sheltered from the wind, offering flat water!

All eFoil riders will be provided with a helmet and lifejacket. It can also be helpful to wear a wetsuit, as it acts at a layer of protection to the skin. A boat will be by your side the entire lesson for active coaching and offer a platform to take a break and relax.

The eFoil can travel and speeds up to 30mph.

It’s best to have over 5 feet of water.

We'll have your equipment, but you may want to bring:

  • Water
  • Snack (i.e. granola bar, apple)
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Appropriate waterwear for the day if you have it. (i.e. sunshirt, wetsuit, wetsuit top.) If you don't have one, no worries. Just inform your instructor when they reach out prior to your lesson that you’d like to borrow one.
  • A bag or backpack to keep your valuables in.

It takes about 2 hours to fully charge to eFoil battery.

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