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As an island 30 miles out to sea surrounded by incredible beaches, consistent swell on the south shore, butter flat water on the inside of the harbor, and winds that blow constantly, the opportunities for waterborne adventures on Nantucket are endless. It is Next Level Watersports’ original location and is why we love to call Nantucket Island our home. Our services let families get out on the water and gain a whole new perspective of the Island while learning invaluable new skills. Best of all, we make sure your kids sleep like a rock!

All Nantucket water sports lessons are conducted in the tranquil waters off Coatue on the Eastern end of the Harbor. The Next Level Watersports preferred pickup and drop-off point is Pocomo Point, which you will find easily accessible with public parking. Upon signing up for a session, you will be provided with all necessary details, any required equipment, and a smiling instructor waiting in our boat at Pocomo ready to go. Simply show up, hop in, and have an amazing time!

Water Activities on Nantucket



Flat, waist-deep water, consistent breeze, and the best coaches with the best equipment make Nantucket the ultimate place for learning and developing your kiteboarding skills. If you’re looking for kiteboarding lessons near you, we're your solution!


Nantucket Harbor offers ideal wakeboarding conditions in any wind direction, making it the perfect spot to learn to wakeboard. Get your family or group out on the ultimate boat tour of the island while you learn to rip!
eFoil Nantucket


Nantucket is an eFoiler's paradise with sheltered areas for learning combined with hidden bays for touring. Learn more about what makes eFoiling a sensation unlike any other.
Hydrofoiling on Nantucket


Flat waters on the inside and waves on the south shore make for a never-ending playground on a foil. Learning to hydrofoil on Nantucket is easier than ever and allows us to teach the full suite of hydrofoiling skills.
Watermens Kid Summer Camp

Watersports Kids Camp

The ultimate Summer camp for your kids to have fun on the water.



Nantucket FAQ 

We teach our lessons in the flat, protected waters on the eastern end of Nantucket Harbor off Coatue. When you book a lesson with us, our preferred pick-up/drop-off spot is Pocomo Point which has public parking and is easy to access. Upon signing up for a lesson, you will receive all necessary details and can expect a smiling instructor in our boat waiting for you at Pocomo ready to go!

We do not have an office on the island, as we are out on the water every day. However, we are always available by phone and email if you have any questions or wish to get in touch with us.

We do not keep inventory on island, and we rent kite gear in limited circumstances. That being said, we are a vendor for the major brands and sell gear via drop ship for our clients. If you wish to purchase or rent gear, we are happy to help figure out what will work best for you - just give us a call or shoot us an email.

We operate seasonally on Nantucket from May 15 through October 31. During the winter, we coach in our in Florida location as well as while traveling with clients on customized, offsite excursions.

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