Nantucket Season Opener - 2019

Nantucket Season Opener - 2019

May 30, 2019

Do you feel the warmth?  Summer 2019 is just around the corner and we are hoping to see you on the water this year for another epic season on Nantucket!

After another Winter in Stuart, Florida, we are excited to announce that we are open for business beginning our fourth year on Nantucket.  We wanted to give our clients an update on our adventures since we departed last Fall & let everyone know what is on deck for this Summer season.  We are hoping for a big year with new toys, new adventures, and a growing team of amazing coaches!

What’s New with NLW?

New Toys: Have you heard of the eFoil yet?  It is an electric powered hydrofoil with a battery built in.  It lets you fly around, untethered, for up to an hour and a half and makes learning to hydrofoil easier than ever.  We bought two for this season so that wind or no wind, we will be flying, and we would love to teach you how - Click here to learn more!

New Summer Camps: Our goal in starting NLW is to start the next generation of kiters here on the Island.  We are excited to announce the launch of the Next Level Watersports Watermans Camp.  The camp is open to kids 13 – 18 and will be meeting once a week throughout July & August. Email or call for more information!

New Staff: We are lucky to have an amazing team here at NLW.  Returning for the 2019 Season is Jake Hoefler running the show on the water with Emma Cullen & Andy Hurdman in his support.  Nick Aswad is back after helping us in Florida and, we are proud to say, is now working for us as a full time coach after years working at Nantucket Community Sailing.  Austin Waclo, a close friend and world-class kite coach, has helped us intermittently from day 1 and is now part of the NLW team as a full time coach.  Then we are stoked to have Jaclyn Wagoner on the team helping us to man the phones and keep our team organized.  Jon Beery will be doing his thing on the back end helping to coordinate the team and will be available if any client has any special requests any time.  Feel free to check out everyone’s bio online! We are proud of our team and are proud to keep growing with some amazing people!

New Swag: Many have seen our shirts.  Many have asked to buy our shirts. Now you will be able to.  We are launching a few new designs that we hope you love and want to rock around Town and represent NLW!  Expect an email update/social media update in the future.

We are actively booking lessons for this 2019 season. 

If you would like any additional details on the above or wish to reserve and save your spot feel free to email us at; call us at 508-680-3343; or fill out this FORM so we can get back to you.


Winter 2019 In Review

As many know, we relocate to Stuart, Florida during our Winter season for the incredible riding/teaching conditions and use it as a jumpoff point for Winter adventures.  This winter was a big one:

Back Country Guide: This winter we went on some insane trips with clients to the Turks & Caicos, the Bahamas, and even went Up a River Without A Paddle.  We started this company because we live for adventure.  It’s a blast when you get to share it with others.  Want to go on adventure on your own?  Let us help you plan a trip and be your Back Country Guide!

Continued Growth: Just like on Nantucket our client base and following keeps growing down in Florida.  We were able to train new staff, meet new clients who have turned into friends, and learn the area more and more.  We are landing new partnerships, growing our reputation, and are excited to keep it going into the future.

Community: NLW was new to Florida last year and we were strangers in Stuart in a whole new world.  We have started making friends!  This year we were able to take the crew from Ital Bowls out to test our services and eat some acai bowls in interesting places.  We helped support the Single Fin Classic, a fundraiser put on by the Ohana Surf Shop, a shop that truly represents good vibes, bringing together the local surfing community for an epic event to raise funds to support Brooke Thabit, a surfer and ex employee of the Shop who was paralyzed in an accident (Also please check out their Bulls for Brook Fishing Tournament on June 22, 2019 for which they are raising funds if you wish to donate to, or participate in, a cool cause).  We even got to get dressed up and attend some fancy cocktail parties to support the Stuart Chapter of Habitat for Humanity and the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast.  It’s pretty cool to be able to say that Stuart feels more and more like our winter home and we thank everyone for welcoming us in.

Riding: We are in this to ride.  We had incredible days on the water with our team and clients jumping islands, shooting mangrove runs, ripping downwinders, and finally weaving our way out of the St. Lucie Inlet channel.  Riding stories that we, and our clients, will never forget.


We had a great winter.  We are beyond excited for this season.  We thank everyone – our friends, our employees, and our clients for their support.  We are excited to see everyone on the water.  Now, cheers to an epic 2019!


Next Level Watersports

“Let Us Teach You How”


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