Nantucket Watersports


Kiteboard Lessons

Nantucket offers world class conditions for learning to kiteboard: waist deep, protected water to learn initial kite control and get your first rides, a boat by your side so there is no walking upwind, and consistent breeze. All the key ingredients for a successful kiteboarding lesson.

Let's Kiteboard



Wakeboard Lessons & Tube Excursions

Nantucket Harbor offers ideal conditions in any wind direction, taking you out to the Head of the Harbor to learn how to wakeboard. Get your family out on the ultimate boat tour of Nantucket while you learn to rip!

Take Me On an Excursion



eFoil Lessons & Tours

Nantucket equals an eFoiler's paradise with sheltered areas of water for learning combined with hidden bays for touring.

Teach Me to eFoil



Hydrofoil Lessons

The shielded waters of the bay combined with waves on the south shore provide never-ending open waters for touring and world-class instruction. Learning to hydrofoil on Nantucket is easier than ever, allowing us to teach the full suite of hydrofoiling skills.

Let's Go Hydrofoiling

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