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Kiteboarding Martha's Vineyard


If you are looking for kiteboarding lessons, wakeboarding excursions, or eFoil lessons on Martha’s Vineyard, we can be your solution. We are one of two licensed kiteboarding schools permitted to operate on the vineyard. However, for the 2020 Summer Season, we do not have staff on-island full-time due to uncertainty around COVID19.

If looking to get instruction on Martha’s Vineyard and learn from the best, we can certainly accommodate as part of our Offsite Coaching Program. Please give us a call or shoot us an email, and we will coordinate with you to set something up.

Inter-island Ferry Another option to learn with us is to take the inter-island ferry over for the day to Nantucket. We can arrange a schedule that has you take the morning ferry over, complete your lesson, and gets you back in time to make the evening ferry back home to the vineyard.

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