Learn to Hydrofoil

Can We Teach You to Hydrofoil?

The hydrofoil has several different disciplines and we offer you the ability to learn within each application of foiling.

Foil under a Kite

Under a Kite

Learning to foil under a kite is the holy grail for an experienced kiteboarder. We use specialized foils that are stabler at lower speeds and teach you how to adjust your stance and position your kite to achieve controlled flight faster with fewer wipeouts. Already know how to foil? Then let us help you to get your first fully foiled tacks, gybes, or land your first backroll. The possibilities are endless. If you want to learn to foil under a kite, you may also want to check out our Kiteboarding PageWhen you’re booking online, be sure to select the hydrofoil lesson option within your kite lesson.

Foil Behind the Boat

Behind Our Boat

Learning to foil behind a boat is a great intro to the sport, as it makes it easier to control your speed. While you can jump right in and learn on a kite, starting behind the boat dedicates your focus on getting control of the foil without having to worry about the kite. If looking to foil surf, we can teach you how to let go of the rope, pump efficiently to generate power, and ride the wake continuously. Check out our Wakeboarding Page for more information, and if you’re booking online, be sure to select the hydrofoil option within your wake lesson.



The LIFT eFoil is the first ever production battery powered hydrofoil capable of letting you fly around for an hour and a half sustained. It has a lithium ion battery to provide power, an electric motor attached to the foil mast, and a Bluetooth controller in your hand to control the throttle. It also makes learning to foil easier than we ever thought possible. Check out our eFoil Page for more information or book an eFoil Lesson online.

Foil in the Surf

In the Waves

Foil surfing is the future of surfing waves! It is also not for the faint of heart. Prior to a wave foil lesson, we like to get to know our clients to be sure that you are comfortable on the foil and an experienced surfer - key ingredients to success when hydrofoiling. You'll learn how to position yourself appropriately in the lineup, stand up in control, and start getting your first flights down the line. Interested in learning how to surf a hydrofoil?  Send us an email or give us a call!

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