Kiteboarding Lessons

Learning to kiteboard is an investment in your future and there is a right and wrong way to teach people how to do it. We have refined and perfected our method over the years and believe in doing it the right way. The result is to dramatically accelerate our client’s learning curves and ensure they learn how to practice kiteboarding in a respectful and safe manner. Providing a true return on investment.


  • INDIVIDUALIZED INSTRUCTION A lesson with NLW means that you will be paired with a professional instructor providing individualized feedback, pacing you appropriately, and keeping you in control and comfortable throughout your lesson. We coach you actively and do not believe in grouping multiple students together to watch you from afar.
  • BOAT SUPPORT Included in your lesson fee is a boat by your side the entire time. No more walking upwind or struggling to get back to your board as you learn. Our coaches stay within earshot of you to provide live feedback continuously and allow you to focus on riding and progressing.
  • BbTALKIN RADIO SUPPORT NLW coaches are equipped with radio headsets to be able to talk to you directly. Chat with your coach as you ride, receive instant feedback, and learn faster. The difference is remarkable.
  • TOP OF THE LINE EQUIPMENT We charge premium fees, target premium markets, and believe in providing premium equipment as it makes you learn faster. Within our lesson fee we guarantee you will be learning on the newest and best kites (That we ride ourselves), specialized boards that are more stable, and wetsuits and other incidentals to keep you comfortable.
  • FLAT, SHALLOW WATER Learning to kite in waves is like learning to ski on a mogul run. Each of our locations allows you to stand in shallow water as you learn the basics of flying the kite and ride in flat water as you get onto a board.
  • FULLY INSURED & PROFESSIONAL We view teaching watersports as a profession and take it very seriously. We are fully insured, follow all rules and regulations, and provide our staff with thorough training to ensure our student’s safety during every lesson.


Lesson Levels


Green level courses are tailored for people who have limited or no experience on a kiteboard. From rigging and wind dynamics to your first attempts at flying a trainer/inflatable kite even to your first try at riding a board. This course is designed to make it easy and provide students the basics needed to get you started.


Blue level courses are suited for people who know the basics of flying a kite and are ready to get up riding consistently. Students will learn how to get up efficiently and ride in both directions, how to hold an edge consistently, get long board rides, and begin learning transitions and other advanced maneuvers.


Black level courses are aimed at students who are riding kiteboards consistently in both directions, have good control and are becoming self-sufficient. Students will learn the advanced skills they need to hold upwind confidently, consistently complete transitions, and start getting air.

Double Black

Double black courses are for self-sufficient kiteboarders looking to take their existing skill set to the next level. Our talented instructors can teach you to ride a surfboard strapless in waves, jump big (really big), unhook, or land the tricks you’ve dreamed of trying.


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