How to Wing with Next Level

Learning to Wing

At Next Level Watersports, we have a proprietary method of teaching to get you up and riding the wing foil in the safest and most efficient way possible. Below is the step by step process you will go through during your wing lesson.

And, our first question will always be:

Do you know how to foil?

No, but ready to learn!

Yes! I am proficient at riding a hydrofoil in both directions (regular and goofy).

Great! Time to take a hydrofoil lesson. This will allow you to dial in the muscle memory and balance of a foil with no other distractions, eliminating the variable of the wing. Solely focusing on the foil will help you progress a lot faster once you add in the wing.

Learn the Wing on Land
Once confident on a foil, we will take it to the beach and teach you how to do the following:


  • Understand the wind window
  • Survey your riding spot
  • Rig
  • Safety and self-rescue
  • Flip the wing
  • Hold the wing properly
  • Generate and dump power
  • Water-start muscle memory work
  • Use the Wing & SUP Together
    Now that you’ve mastered that, let’s head to the water to make sure you know how to:


  • Carry the gear
  • Get on the board with the wing
  • Hoist the wing once on the board
  • Stand and start generating power
  • Generate speed
  • Understand line of riding upwind/downwind
  • Slow down
  • Crash properly to prevent injury
  • Use the Wing & Foil Together
    The moment you’ve been waiting for: putting it all together. Here you will use all you have learned thus far and master how to:


  • Carry the wing and foil together
  • Water-start and generate speed
  • Pump the wing and foil together
  • Adjust your line of riding upwind and downwind
  • Control foil height with the wing
  • Choose the right gear (foil type, board size, wing size) for the current conditions
  • Dial in speed control
  • Crash properly to prevent injury
  • Advanced Techniques
    You’re a legend! (We knew you would be.) Ready to turn it up a notch as we show you how to:

  • Drop the wing and pump the foil
  • Tack and jibe
  • Get into a wave and drop the wing
  • Jump
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