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The LIFT EFoil is an electric powered hydrofoil with a battery pack and motor built into it so that you can fly unassisted and “Ride the Magic Carpet”. No strings, no ropes, no limitations - Just a wireless controller in your hand and the freedom to fly anywhere you like.


What is an Efoil?

The LIFT EFoil is the first ever mass produced electric powered hydrofoil. The EFoil has a three-cell lithium ion battery built into the board that connects to an electric motor to provide propulsion allowing it to fly. You steer the board using your body weight and adjust your speed with a wireless bluetooth remote in your hand to control the throttle. The result allows you to fly along effortlessly like a magic carpet ride in powder. The feeling is one of a kind.

Why an Efoil?

Flying on any hydrofoil requires power. Whether it is the power of a wave to propel you, the power of a kite to catch the wind, or the power of a boat - You are confined on where you can go by your power source. The EFoil turns the game upside down by building the power source into the board. The possibilities on where you can go are endless. The EFoil was designed by LIFT, a US company based out of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The board is the product of over a decade of R&D and represents a breakthrough in the evolution of hydrofoil technology. From the board, to the battery, to the waterproof electrical components, to the carbon wings that allow it to fly - The LIFT EFoil is a work of art and an engineering marvel. Next Level Watersports is proud to be the first school in North America to offer EFoil lessons and tours.



How does a lesson work?

The EFoil battery lasts just over an hour per charge depending on usage. Each lesson gets you a dedicated instructor for your group and has time built in for conceptual review, safety briefing, time for demonstrations, and plenty of time for riding. We start by going over the equipment and then let you hit the water with the goal of getting you flying by the end of the lesson in a safe, controlled manner.


Try Before You Buy

We are a LIFT vendor and sell the LIFT EFoil. If you wish to try out an eFoil prior to purchasing or refine your skillset on your EFoil – Come talk to us!


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