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Water Activities in Stuart

Kiteboarding in Stuart


We offer one of the best flat, shallow water spots for learning to kiteboard in Florida. Whether you live here or are visiting - if you want high quality kiteboarding lessons, we are your solution!



The Stuart Causeway provides butter flat waters in any wind direction making it the perfect spot for wakeboarding. Take your skills to the next level and experience an incredible day on the water.

eFoil Stuart


Stuart is an eFoiler's paradise with sheltered areas for learning combined with miles of river for touring.

Hydrofoiling on the Treasure Coast


Flat waters on the inside and waves on the ocean facing shoreline provide a never-ending playground on a foil. Learning to hydrofoil in Stuart is easier than ever and allows us to teach the full suite of hydrofoiling skills.

Watermens Kid Camp in Florida

Watersports Kids Camp

We offer the best activities for kids and have combined all our activities to make the ultimate kids' camp. Provided as an after school program, coinciding with school breaks, or completely custom for your family - Watersports Camp will turn your kids into legends!  

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