Kiteboarding in Jupiter, FL - Juno Beach Access #33

Kiteboarding in Jupiter, FL - Juno Beach Access #33

April 18, 2019

Kiteboarding in Jupiter, FL - Juno Beach Access #33


Region: North America

Sub-Region: Florida

Location: Jupiter

Spot Name: Juno Beach Beach Access #33

General Description:

A very popular place to kiteboard in South Florida is Juno Beach in Jupiter, Florida. There is free public parking all along the beach and there are many different places to rig and launch from.

The most common staircase used by the local kiteboarders in the area is #33. If you forgot your pump, or don’t want to kite alone (which we don’t recommend) then this is the staircase for you. However, if you are a lone wolf and dont need anyone by your side, there are plenty more staircases for you to go shred at!

juno beach kiteboarding

Types of Riding & Riding Level:

Riding Level: Black, Double Black, Hydrofoil

Riding Type: Chop, Wave Riding (Beginner), Wave Riding (Intermediate), Wave Riding (Advanced)

This is a great spot for intermediate and advanced riders. You can ride right off the beach in ocean chop or, if there is swell, ride waves on a surfboard/twin tip.

Jupiter, FL is also great place to ride your hydrofoil. Juno Beach is deep for miles once off the shore, we recommend you walk the foil out at least 20 meters from the shore before you begin riding.

How to Get there:

Head east in Jupiter until you hit the beach! Once you intersect with A1A turn north and you will see a series of staircases along the beach and each is labeled with a number. Keep your eye out until you find Beach Access #33.


How to access the spot:

Access Type: Park - Short Walk

A1A Runs parallel to the full length of Jupiter Beach. There is public parking on both sides of the street you can use and easily walk to the beach with your gear. Parking can get busy on weekends so get there early and be sure to lock your car. Once you've parked it is a hundred yard or less walk to the beach where you can rig up.

Juno Beach map

Rules & Regulations:

Juno beach is open access for kiting but is a busy beach. Be wary and respectful of lifeguards in chairs, swimmers, and other beach goers and be sure to stay a good bit offshore while riding to prevent problems.

Hazards & Items to Watch Out For:

Hazard Types: Dangerous Wildlife, Strong Adverse Currents, Big Waves, Wind Shadows, Offshore Conditions

North of Beach Access #33, there is the Jupiter Inlet. This area is populated with many currents, boats, and fishermen. We recommend staying South of the inlet and to both avoid the chaos as well as the known bull shark migration zone north of the jetty.

The Northern breeze is usually brought by a cold front along with waves. The shorebreak on Juno Beach can get quite heavy and steep. We recommend waiting on the beach until you see a clear path out past the shorebreak before starting to ride away from the beach. Also check behind you on the way in because you don’t want to get squashed from the back!

The beach is very user friendly, but you do have to keep in mind it is a public beach. The area where most of the kitebaording is done is also dog beach in Jupiter so be mindful of the animals and be cautious when launching.

Wind Details:

Kiteable Wind Directions: N, NE, S, SE

Best Wind Directions: SE, NE

This spot can be kited with any wind direction except if there is West in it (NW, SW, W). It being the Atlantic Ocean, it is best to not kite if the wind is westerly because there is no way to get back if the wind dies or a squall comes through.Predominant Wind Direction: SE

Average Wind Speed In-Season: 15 - 20 kts

Juno Beach and Jupiter as a whole receives consistent breeze during the winter season from December through the end of April. It occassionally gets extremely windy in season due to storms. On average it is a thermal blowing each day that fills in the afternoons and you are most likely to be riding on a 12M kite.

Predicting the Wind:

Best Wind Sensor to predict the wind:

The predominant breeze here is SE with numerous sensors all around. The best sensor to use here is the Jupiter/Juno Beach on iKitesurf which is a premium sensor. If you don't have premium you can also look at the Lake Worth Pier sensor which is a bit further south or other local forecasts. If you see it blowing SE building throughout the day to the low teens you should be able to have an excellent afternoon session on the water.

If you wish you can save $20 signing up for a premium iKitesurf account using the following link:

Best Time of Year to Visit:

Depending on the time of year you are riding here, the conditions will vary. Summer brings light South Easterly based winds in between 10-20 knots. If you keep track of the weather during this season though, you will be able to catch those few days of 20+ knots when the storms roll in. The summer is also limiting in terms of the wave conditions, wind chop usually comes along with those South/East winds, but these can lead to really fun sessions!!

During the winter, the waves kick up due to those Northerly winds and cold fronts. This is a great time to break out the surf board and smack some lips!

juno beach waves


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