Kiting Around Florida

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Kiting in Northeast Florida: Cocoa Beach, Jacksonville
Cocoa Beach is the birthplace of Kelly Slater and a great place to go for flat water riding and ocean side wave riding. The infamous 321 slick is an excellent flat water spot to learn to kiteboard and has consistent breeze during the winter months (December – May). The location is suitable for beginner to advanced riders looking to ride flat water and intermediate to advanced riders looking to ride waves during the winter. If you follow the coastline north up to Jacksonville and beyond there are numerous good beaches to launch from for ocean side riding.

Within the Northeast Region we recommend 321 Kiteboarding as your go to school for lessons and information. They have been there for years, have professional coaches, have boat support, and allow you to learn in flat water – the key components for rapid progression.

Kiting in Central Florida - West Coast: St. Petersburg
The West Coast of Florida has incredible flat water riding opportunities and is a great place to learn to kiteboard. Because the water is a bit warmer on the Gulf side of the state, the breeze tends to be frontal driven instead of thermal which makes the breeze a bit fickler. The West Coast of Florida is awesome for all levels of riders and is also a great place to hydrofoil.

If you are going to take lessons on the West Coast of Florida, we have to recommend our good friend Drew Christianson’s school Best Pro Kiteboarding Center. He runs a professional operation offering lessons in flat water with jet ski support and is an excellent resource for reliable information.

Kiteboarding in Miami: South Beach, Crandon Park, Stiltsville
Miami is an awesome place to kite, but is highly regulated and there are a lot of restrictions due to the high number of people in the area. We recommend you look up the kiteboarding rules in Miami before you go. South Beach provides good oceanside riding with shorebreak and small waves you can jump off of. The waves rarely get big, but, when they do, they are big! South of Miami proper you will find Crandon Park and Stiltsville. Both are great flat water riding spots with shallow waters you can learn and ride in.

If you are going to learn to kite on South Beach, we recommend TKS Watersports – they are one of the original schools in Miami. Further south in Crandon Park, you can use Miami Kiteboarding – while they don’t have boat support, you are learning in waist deep water that is great for learning to kiteboard. Lastly, if you want to go out to Stiltsville, you can contact South Florida Kiteboarding who will bring you out to the flats to learn to kite. Built during the prohibition era, Stiltsville is a cool spot to ride as you have houses on stilts out in the water.

Kiteboarding in the Florida Keys: Islamorada, Marathon, Florida Keys
The Florida Keys are another great spot for kiting with miles and miles of turquoise blue flat water riding and mangrove islands to jump over. There are no waves in the keys, as it is made up of shallow sandbars. The Keys also get consistent tropical breeze. The combination of flat, shallow waters and consistent breeze make it an excellent spot for learning to kiteboard. Due to much of the beachfront being private, it can be difficult to access kiteboarding spots on the beach on your own and you generally need a boat.

If you wish to learn in the Keys, we highly recommend our friends at Otherside Boardsports. They are one of the first kiteboarding schools to combine a cable park that can allow you to learn how to ride a board with the ability to go out on the water kiting. They also have a robust staff of seasoned kiteboard instructors, boat support, and consistent breeze.
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