Sign your kids up for four days of back-to-back Semi-Private Lessons! If there is wind, we pump up kites and lessons will focus on kiteboarding. If there is no wind, kids will go wakeboarding, tubing, wake-surfing, hydrofoiling, and eFoiling. No matter what, everyone is sure to come back grinning, having learned something challenging and new!

Lessons run weekly throughout the summer, Monday through Thursday from 10AM – 1PM, and are taught at a two to one student to instructor ratio.

We provide individualized instruction with the ability to teach brand new beginners through advanced kiters and wakeboarders looking to progress. Our goal is to give your kids newfound confidence and skills on the water they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

And if you are looking for other dates or to learn a specific watersports skill, we can create custom solutions to suit your needs. Please call 508-680-3343 or email desk@nextlevelwatersports for more information.

Advanced Clinics

Advanced Clinics are available for those with prior experience kiteboarding and wakeboarding and are ready to advance their skillset to the next level. Participants must be able to ride upwind and own their own gear. During Advanced Clinics, you will work on learning new tricks, become truly self-sufficient kiteboarders, and do so in a safe setting with an instructor watching. During no wind days you will work on advanced hydrofoiling & wakeboarding skills and go on adventures by boat. Contact us here to sign up and learn more.

See you next summer!

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That's a wrap for Nantucket Kids Watersports Clinics. Sign up here to ask any questions and receive updates for Summer 2024.

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