Hydrofoiling Lessons

Hydrofoiling Lessons

A hydrofoil is a board that has a wing attached to it by a mast. You stand on the board in the water and, when you get water traveling across the wing beneath the board fast enough, it generates enough lift to float you free of the water and start flying. The feeling is remarkable. The founders and staff of Next Level Watersports were early adopters of using hydrofoils and have pioneered the methods of teaching people how to do it.

Why a Hydrofoil?

A hydrofoil changes the entire dynamic of traveling through water. When a boat, kiteboard, wakeboard, or surfboard is traveling through the water it generates drag that slows it down. When you utilize a hydrofoil to fly above the water there is no drag holding you back. The result allows you to achieve greater speeds, be impervious to chop, and redefine “What is Possible” on your board.

What is the best way to learn?

Learn how to hydrofoil behind a boat – The speeds are controllable and it allows users to figure out the balance intricacies without distraction. After becoming comfortable hydrofoiling behind a boat, clients can then translate these skills to their kiteboarding and surfing.

What Sports Does Hydrofoiling Apply To?

Kiteboarding: A hydrofoil allows kiters to go out in lower wind speeds, utilize a smaller kite, and cover more ground than is possible on a normal kiteboard. Hydrofoiling opens an entirely new set of possibilities for a kiteboarder. 

Surfing: A hydrofoil takes a knee-high sloppy wave day and transforms it to something incredible. When the wave provides you enough speed and the board starts flying, surfers can execute arching, high speed turns normally only accessible on the best of surfing days. 

Wake Surfing: After learning the basics, you can hydrofoil a boat wake without a towrope. The hydrofoil allows users to fly along and ride the boat wake continuously creating an “endless wave”.

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