November 29, 2018

Efoil – Electric Powered Hydrofoil

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With years of riding and training experience, our staff will guide you through the process of electric hydrofoil flight. Step-by-step we’ll lead you through our incremental learning process until you’re flying like a pro.



“Coolest feeling in the world” - “Flying on a magic carpet” - “Powder runs”

How do eFoils work?
An efoil functions hydrodynamically in the water – similar to how a plane flies through the air. At a certain speed the underwater wings on the foil create lift and elevate you and the board into the air. As a rider, your goal is to utilize your body to control the pitch and yaw of the foil – turning left/right and up/down. This process is essentially like controlling an airplane under the water by shifting your body weight around the eFoil’s center of gravity.
The eFoil has a waterproof battery located inside the board which powers a set of advanced electrical components and the motor. The propeller unit is attached to the mast below the water to provide propulsion (safely encased and protected so that you’ll never be in danger). A handheld Bluetooth controller wirelessly connects to the board, allowing you to adjust speed by the pull of a trigger – similar to that of an RC car remote. The user must use his or her balance in conjunction with coordinated throttle control to attain a smooth ride. Once muscle memory is acquired, the user can fly effortlessly above the water’s surface at nearly 25mph. With a completely silent electric motor, it truly feels like you are flying.
Is it difficult?
While eFoils require some practice and a bit of balance, our expert instructors and proven system make it very attainable for the average person. If you have prior wake, surf, skate, or snowboarding experience you may get up a bit quicker, but we can teach almost anyone to fly with a little practice and training!
Who can do it?
We teach eFoil lessons to anyone twelve years old and up. We tailor lessons to our client’s needs and experience level – whether you want to do advanced maneuvers or just cruise around. We have experience teaching complete beginners to advanced hydrofoilers.

Do you need to have prior hydrofoil experience?
Prior hydro foil experience is not required, however boarding experience of any kind may help to reduce the learning curve. If you have never flown on a hydrofoil before, we suggest taking a traditional hydrofoil lesson behind our boat to tune-in your skills before trying the eFoil. This will allow you to maximize the ride time during your eFoil lesson.
Lesson format?
eFoil lesson are completely customized according to your experience and goals. Your 2-hour lesson will include one eFoil and expert training from one of our instructors. You can come solo to maximize ride time or with a group of people if that sounds like more fun.

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November 08, 2018

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