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As a member of the Universal+ Series of kites, the XR6 is engineered to perform in all conditions and disciplines. Especially the tricky winds typically found on big inland lakes and near complicated shorelines. Like all Universal+ Series kites, the XR6 is designed to excel in one area, and for the XR6, that’s interstellar travel.

The XR’s legendary linear response delivers effortless cruising, record-breaking hang time, and super smooth landings. Now it’s your turn to break some personal bests!

• Delta Bow Shape
• 5 Strut Frame
• Faster Turning Speed
• CIT Modes
• Exotex Ultra Rigid Dacron
• Coretex Triple Ripstop
• Intelligent Arc
• Short Bridle System
• Speed Pump System
• Speed Valve 2
• Grintex Patches
• Sensor Bar Ready
• Instant Relaunch

How do we build a high-performance allrounder? With technological innovations like our flight control system, our unique safeties, and our intelligent trim system. Like a bird that spreads its wings to generate more lift, Intelligent Arc increases the XR6’s wingspan with a simple pull on the bar. Likewise, when sheeting out the bar, the XR6 will fold in its wings and deposed. It’s this kind of innovation that exemplifies the design team’s drive to create the perfect all around kite.

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