Wakeboarding & Tubing Lessons


Wakeboard Boat


Learn how to get up out of the water for the first time and edge effectively to control your direction of travel. Learn to “Load & Pop,” to jump on flat water or to jump the wake. Or learn how to land your first handle pass. We're here to help with all your wake dreams. Specialized boards meant for beginners and intermediate riders are used to make learning easier, and we pride ourselves on our ability to teach almost anyone how to ride a wakeboard confidently.




No waves, No problem! Learn to ride a surfboard behind our boat, how to keep a “Strapless” surfboard on your feet as you get out of the water, or to send huge sprays off the wake. Wakesurfing is apt for advanced beginners and intermediate level riders and is easy to learn. If you would like to wake surf, please be sure to mark “Wake Surfing” on your appointment booking.



Who doesn't love flying around on a tube? Next Level boats always have a tube on board, ready to go at all times. Both kids and adults can ride tandem or solo. It is the perfect low impact activity to conclude a lesson after everyone in your group has tried their hand at wakeboarding or for someone who is a bit shy about going into the water and wants to build their water sport confidence.

 Hydrofoiling Behind the Boat


Learn to fly above the water on a board with wings beneath it. Hydrofoiling is an advanced skill that requires prior experience wakeboarding and strong balance and is not appropriate for beginners. Riding a hydrofoil is also one of the coolest feelings ever! If you would like to hydrofoil, please mark “Hydrofoiling” on your appointment booking.

Water Skiing

Water Skiing

While we live to teach board sports, we keep a pair of classic water skis and a slalom ski that all are welcome to use. If you would like to water ski, please mark “Water Skiing” when booking your water activity session.

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