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This kite has been rated BLACK.

Kite Rating System:

BLACK - This is a used kite. It has been used for 1-15 sessions. The kite is in excellent condition. The canopy is still crispy, not faded, and clean. There have been no repairs.

BLUE - This is a used kite. It has been used for more than 15 sessions. The kite is in good condition. The kite shows light wear and tear. Canopy may be slightly softer. There may be minor repairs done to this kite.

GREEN - This kite is a used kite. It has been used for more than 15 sessions. The kite is in fair condition. The kite shows moderate wear and tear. There may have been professional repairs done to the kite but it holds and air and ready for many sessions ahead.

All kites hold air and are ready to fly!

From CORE:


The Section 3 is part of CORE's specialized series of kites, focusing on just one discipline, opposed to their crossover series; Universal +. The Section 3 is a wave riding specific kite, designed to pull you into those monster swells with the confidence to know this kite has your back at all times.

The Section 3 carries over Core's proven 3-strut, Future-C canopy shape from its predecessor with a few changes. The Section 3's big wave approved CoreTex canopy and super rigid ExoTex airframe holds up under the most extreme conditions. The biggest improvement in their 3rd generation is its expanded customization settings. The Section 3 now features three bridles and wingtip settings. Core calibrated the bridle points (CIT Modes) to address wind direction and added one more back line connection point to better fine tune your setup.

• CIT Modes
• Short Bridle System
• Ultra Light Frame
• Future-C Shape
• Surf Profile
• ExoTex Ultra Rigid Dacron
• CoreTex Triple Ripstop
• Radical Reaction Tips
• Instant Relaunch
• Speed Pump System
• Speed Valve 2
• Sensor Bar Ready

Next Level Rating: 4.5/5
Notes: One way valve leaking from leaving chip in.

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