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This kite has been rated BLUE.

There are a few pinholes in the canopy that have been patched.

Kite Rating System:

BLACK - This is a used kite. It has been used for 1-15 sessions. The kite is in excellent condition. The canopy is still crispy, not faded, and clean. There have been no repairs.

BLUE - This is a used kite. It has been used for more than 15 sessions. The kite is in good condition. The kite shows light wear and tear. Canopy may be slightly softer. There may be minor repairs done to this kite.

GREEN - This kite is a used kite. It has been used for more than 15 sessions. The kite is in fair condition. The kite shows moderate wear and tear. There may have been professional repairs done to the kite but it holds and air and ready for many sessions ahead.

All kites hold air and are ready to fly!


From CORE:

GTS6. Like a friend that pushes us beyond our comfort zone to a place with no limits, CORE’s newest Universal Series kite unlocks your wild side. Reward yourself with mind-blowing megaloop power and deutscher precision. The indomitable GTS6.

The GTS’s accomplishments may be well known amongst the hardcore freestyle crowd, but we’d also like to mention the kite’s impeccable manners in unpredictable winds. It effortlessly absorbs unexpected gusts on those unforgettable downwinders and then, it delivers gut-wrenching megaloops when you unleash it.

So, what’s new for the GTS6? Well, we’ve beefed up the leading edge and we’ve made significant improvements to the struts. They’re now lighter and more robust. The new larger diameter ExoTex Light struts resist bending, save weight, and lend a sportier, punchier feel when looping. Don’t worry, everything you love about the GTS5 is still in the 6er. The three strut, Future-C canopy still forms the nucleus of the GTS. Reward yourself with mammoth power and cracking loops that you so richly deserve.


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