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LTFP3 - If you're looking to get into and then progress this foiling this package is for you. With a proven track record of teaching new students, this setup has everything you need to learn how to ride a wing foil, or kite, all in excellent condtion. Package includes: - SES (Super Easy Start System) 940 Setup: SES 940 Frong Wing, SES 450 Rear Wing, 725 SES fuselage (Front + Back Wings + Fuselage optimized for learning) - 100 Carbon Front Winging Wing (Front - Intermediate/Advanced) - 440 Carbon rear wing (Back - Intermediate/Advanced) - 75cm Mast; Fuselage; All other hardware This package has been well taken care of and is perfect for someone looking to both start, and progress, at wing foiling in one easy, efficient modular system. As you get better, you can swap to smaller wings/tails for more maneuverability & agility to progress with. Package Component Details: Axis front wing. Wing and bag are in excellent shape and shows barely any wear and tear from use. 4.5/5 Foil setup is in good condition. Few minor scratches to finish on front and back wings consistent with normal wear and tear and do not impact performance. Verified all bolts are not seized and lubricated with dialectric grease. 4/5 Wing is in very good condition. Few minor scratches to the wingtips from normal wear and tear that do not impact performance. 4/5

Product Rating: 4/5

Link to Vendor Description:  https://axisfoils.com

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