USED 2020 CORE Sensor 2 Bar

The CORE Sensor 2 bar will provide you with the lightest, safest, and most direct feeling bar on the market. The Sensor 2 bar is Core's go-to bar for all of their kites. The German engineered, titanium cored, Sensor 2 bar is: Simplicity in design, State-of-the-art in function and absolutely safe. 

• Titanium Core
• Supported Single Frontline Safety (SSF)
• Sensor Adjuster
• Rotor Quick Release
• Auto Untwist
• Spliced Ends
• Lines made in Germany
• Vario Width
• Short Safety Leash
• Core Loop/Stick Set
• Replaceable Bar Inserts

Please note, we are on the water for most of the day teaching you new skills for the ultimate water activities. While we want you to enjoy your new Next Level swag as soon as possible, at times this may lead to a slight delay in shipping.

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